Covid -19: Curse for students

Bindusmita Bhowmik

Agartala: Apr 19: The youth of a country has always been considered to be its future. Unfortunately, it’s the youth of India who has had to take a backseat in the present covid situation. With the numbers of daily reported cases growing higher every passing minute, it is indeed a time of crisis for every citizen of India, but most of all, the students.

According to the census of 2019, India has an estimated population of 1366 million people, with over 250 million being students at a school level. Here we are not even considering the part of society that is pursuing higher education. All of this has come to a halt because of the current situation. Let alone Within the past week, both ICSE and CBSE has released notices about the postponement of class 10 and 12 board exams- as they are exams that absolutely must be held offline to ensure a standard of examination. However, in the current situation of crisis, having physical exams is a very distant dream. Apart from school level exams, NEET, JEE and other such college-level or career-specific examinations have also been put on hold.

A stitch in time saves nine- a proverb to be kept in mind for what we are going through right now. It is never too late and the situation can still be managed if one is just a bit more cautious. The upcoming elections are also a hindrance or rather, a cause behind India’s inability to practice proper measures during the pandemic. The worst part is that this “second wave” is hitting a lot harder than the first because the situation was actually looking up for the first time in a year, before its untimely relapse. And this time, it is a lot worse than before- there are critical shortages in hospital beds, timely medical attention and vaccine doses.

In this critical phase, Tripura is doing exceptionally well in providing consistent healthcare services to its citizens. Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath has been a source of support and hope for many. In a recent interview, he declared that Tripura has no need to bring back lockdown measures, nor do they require night curfew.

More than 6 lakh people have been tested so far in Tripura, out of which 33,933 were corona positive. However, out of the 383 active cases, only 47 have been hospitalized. The rest of them are in home isolation- a sure indicator of the disease being at a manageable level. Tripura is proud to announce that the COVID-19 situation is being given the level of emergency attention it deserves and has even amped up easily accessible medical services. Even one of the renowned actors Pranab Kr Nath has expressed his grievances towards the citizens. In these unsure times, the state of Tripura is truly an example for the rest of the country and a beacon of hope to its citizens.